Scope of business operation

ENERGEZAP specialises in rendering assembly and overhaul services regarding mechanical works related to the main equipment of heat and power generating plants: steam boilers and turbines and auxiliary equipment and systems of boiler houses, engine rooms, carburization, water purification, and power networks. It also carries out the following:

  •  overhaul of single-stage and multi-stage rotodynamic pumps- mixed -flow pumps, gear pumps, piston pumps
  •  overhaul of pressure vessels, regeneration economizers as well as and tubular and flat heat exchangers, etc.;
  •  overhaul of industrial fans
  •  systems made of PVC pipes and plates, polyethylene, polypropylene
  •  regeneration of chemically resistant coatings
  •  vulcanisation of 600 - 1200 mm conveyor belts
  •  bulldozer diagnostics and operational maintenance
  •  drives and transmission gears overhauls
  •  spare parts (turning Lmax=3000 mm, Ø 730 mm, vertical milling up to 700 mm - table feed, cylindrical grinding Lmax =800 mm, Ø 200 mm)
  •  prefabrication and assembly of the structural elements and high-pressure systems